infliction of pain

See: cruelty
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An act of violence is committed against a senior citizen when there is physical abuse or infliction of pain or injury, physical harm, pain or impairment, suffering or distress; psychological, mental or emotional abuse causing mental or emotional suffering or distress; material exploitation through legal or improper use of funds or resources of the senior citizen and economic or financial abuse through acts that makes the senior citizen financially dependent; and sexual abuse or the non-consensual contact of any kind with the senior citizen.
What made the Klan new, Parsons argues, was not the infliction of pain and violence upon black bodies but the "networks of dark cultural meaning" with which the Klan surrounded their violence.
BDSM-which stands for Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism-is a sexual activity that consists of restraints, the infliction of pain and relinquishment of control.
The report said: "While there are some strong moments of violence in the film, they are relatively brief and do not 'dwell on the infliction of pain or injury' to the extent they require an 18 classifi-cation.
Judge Lord Kingarth told Hamilton he had taken "sadistic pleasure in the infliction of pain and the inspiration of real terror".
During the infliction of pain itself, they go into trance states.
While the use of force is occasionally unavoidable, every police officer refrains from the unnecessary infliction of pain or suffering and never engages in cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment of any person.
They include an order requiring the CIA to abide by restrictions in the Army Field Manual, including a ban on such "enhanced interrogation techniques" as the infliction of pain, stress positions and sleep deprivation.
Saying this is un-American can be no legitimate debate about the intentional infliction of pain upon captive and defenseless human beings.
5) However, finding a better way of interpreting the claim that the basic act of torture consists of the infliction of pain can help avoid the definitional trap.
It was born shedding blood and went on to make its survival contingent on the infliction of pain on its victims.