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breaking the category 'recipient and/or inflictor sexual arousal' into 'arousal due to sex' and 'arousal due to genital injury').
In the case of Peter, the extreme nature of the fundamentalism in which he has grown up is represented in his personality as an inflictor of self-punishment, an instiller of critical voices, and rigidity of discipline.
EGO Social identity (name of a person)/Invisible twin (MILLELBA) SUPEREGO Negative sanctions (TJANBA avengers/punitive MILLELBA) ID Inflictor of disease (human sorcery with YARDA/soul-eating MAMU)
Second, the inflictor must either intend to cause severe emotional distress or know there is a high probability that his or her conduct will cause it.
Children, who learn to rely on violence from their parents as a way of solving problems, become inflictors of violence when they grow up.