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DIN inflowing water 23% drainage water 77% IP inflowing water 21% drainage water 79% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Recently, several vendors have introduced modified SSFP pulse sequences which employ inversion recovery pulses to suppress background tissue in the imaging volume as well as signal from inflowing venous blood.
Although the absence of markets created difficulties for effective transfer and utilization of inflowing resources, the inflow of resources from the United States, the expansion of world trade, and the 1950 domestic elections, after which the liberal DP became the ruling party, provided a significant impetus for Turkish economic growth.
The map of the lake and study area is shown in the fig 1 with major drains inflowing into the lake and out flowing from the lake.
Germany's second largest airline said part of the inflowing cash would be used to re-purchase existing bonds which have a nominal value of EUR 90m.
11 MAF per year silt carried by inflowing water, the gross and live storage capacity of reservoir as per Hydrographic Survey 2007 has reduced to 8.
However, given the importance of libertarianism's political implications, the critiques of its justification are inflowing from many directions.
Therefore a change in the deflector design was introduced to allow a smoother transition of inflowing water to alleviate the drop from the turbine chambers (new design shown in Fig.
Mixing between the plunging freshwater and inflowing brackishwater leads to a drop in temperature.
Concentrations of P fractions (mg P/L, DRP, dissolved reactive P; DOP, dissolved organic P; PP, particulate P; TP, total P) in irrigation outwash for each irrigation treatment taken at the end of the bay minus P from inflowing water s.
Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Fuel Resources Akylbek Tiumenbaev said 250 million cubic meters of water is inflowing and 220 million cubic meters of water is outflowing.
FC was predicted to be lower in concentration at high tide due to the inflowing ocean water which would dilute the concentration as well as increase the salinity of the embayment, killing the bacteria.