influence against

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Well, then, I may count on you; the Mingotts may count on you; to use your influence against the idea?
I hope you may be able to think so well of me, as to urge no influence against me.
Siem de Jong was a positive influence against Liverpool last Sunday
But after his rash challenge on Nikola Mitrovic after 56 seconds, he settled down and became an assertive, dynamic influence against opponents who took to the big stage like chickens to Colonel Sanders' secret recipe of herbs and spices.
Speaking about Trollope's influence against Blackburn, Slade said: "Yes, he was vocal on the side.
Martinez says asking the tough tackling Besic to curb his enthusiasm will be counterproductive and limit his influence against Liverpool.
Martinez says asking the tough tackling Besic to curb his enthusiasm will be counter-productive and limit his influence against Liverpool this weekend.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Following Iran's decades-long outreach activities to Muslim communities in Latin America to leverage its influence against the US, Turkey's pro-Iranian government has also started to make overtures into that part of the world, starting with the convention of the first ever Latin American Muslim Religious Leaders Summit, held in ystanbul last week.
These civil statutes apply to those acting with fraudulent intent as well as those using undue influence against the elder.
He wants to stress India's influence against a rising China, but must also recognise Pakistan's role as an important stakeholder.
Influence Against Market Risk Asset Quality And Performance Financial District Development Bank in Indonesia:
This month, three officers from the elite Qods Force were designated for "Tehran's use of terrorism and intelligence operations as tools of influence against the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.