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The regulated or the industry weighs their power of influenceability or resistance in the society and decides to selfregulate or not [9].
Weimann (1991) proposed four groups of strong to weak influenceability by employing the strength of personality measure.
The second criteria is what Sen calls that of "social influenceability.
Susceptibility to interpersonal influence is a general trait that varies from one individual to another and a person's relative influenceability in one situation tends to have a significant positive relationship to his or her influenceability in a range of other social situations (see Bearden et al.
19) A freedom must meet the conditions of "importance" and "social influenceability.
It is not surprising that issues like ability to foresee competitors' future challenges and easy-to-use advantages compared to competing products are perceived as risky in terms of influenceability since they are almost completely out of the project team's reach.
Sex Differences in Influenceability," in Psychological Bulletin no.
Three items measured influenceability to alcohol use offers and alcohol-related media messages (alpha = .
The alcohol stage-tailored message briefly addressed several risk and protective factors linked with alcohol use, such as perceived peer prevalence, influenceability, and value incompatibility, while stressing the relationship between alcohol consumption and health.
Previous assimilation efforts include a meta-analysis of social influence studies (Eagly and Carli, 1981) indicating the influenceability of gender differences.
From Social Learning Theory, risk factor measures included expectancy beliefs about the effects of alcohol, the frequency of refusing alcohol use offers, resistance self-efficacy, alcohol use influenceability, perceived peer prevalence of drinking, perceived adult prevalence of drinking, peer expectations toward one's alcohol use, and parent expectations toward one's alcohol use, with alpha coefficients of .
Sex Differences in Influenceability," Psychological Bulletin 85, 1 (1978): 86-116.