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By surfacing Kant's distinction between perfect and imperfect obligations in the context of what are thought to be important and influenceable freedoms, Sen has provided the moral argument against those who would say "it's not my problem.
See Eagly & Wood, supra note 22, at 925, 27-28 ("Sex-stereotype research has demonstrated that when perceivers are asked to think about people in terms of general traits, men are described as more influential than women and women as more influenceable than men.
Also, because they are more gullible or influenceable when they are young, they may well--though not necessarily always--be more disturbable in their childhood and adolescence than when they are older.
A secret aficionado of the feel-good favourites ( think Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Fame ( I just hoped I would be able to capture some of the spark that comes from loving a film from those influenceable teenage years.
But the Albion players are, in most cases, older, more experienced, and perhaps less influenceable.