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They mean actively attending to the business of influencing and being influenced such that the resultant beliefs or opinions held about us and our products are conducive to our achieving organizational objectives.
Factors Influencing College Selection by Female Basketball Players Participating in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.
It is not simply caregivers influencing children and children influencing caregivers.
Factors influencing ratings of marital quality by individuals within dual-career marriages: A conceptual model.
While examination of the current status of the capital markets and the factors influencing those markets leads one to the conclusion that the real estate market in the U.
The foundry selected six variables from a list of 34 that had a reasonable probability of influencing the quality of the heat.
The example concludes that the member/taxpayer is treated as influencing legislation with respect to the employee's work in support of the trade association's lobbying communication.
Costs incurred in activities aimed at influencing state officials' or lower level federal bureaucrats' nonlegislative actions remain deductible.
It appears that expenditures incurred in an effort to influence lower-level Federal officials and all state officials are still deductible, provided such efforts do not also relate to influencing legislation.
Instructors have reward power over students in terms of the grades given in a course and as such there is potential for students to influence grades received by employing any number of upward influencing tactics.
Because this belief motivates doctors to minimize the time and effort they spend influencing the systems they depend on to deliver the highest quality of care--systems that will never live up to their potential without the regular influence of the doctors who use them.