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Whether people, by dint of sitting together in the same place and the same relative positions, and doing exactly the same things for a great many years, acquire a sixth sense, or some unknown power of influencing each other which serves them in its stead, is a question for philosophy to settle.
The only observation I will make to you, Jupe, in the way of influencing your decision, is, that it is highly desirable to have a sound practical education, and that even your father himself
The elder now has begun influencing him, especially since he tried to hang himself.
For anyone quoting Google ZMOT [Zero Moment of Truth, referring to influencing buying behavior online] back at me, remember that as useful as Google's suite of services may be, many decisions aren't the result of the last 30 days, nor the result of entirely digital actions.
162(e)(5)(C) defines expenses incurred in connection with lobbying and political activities as, "[a]ny amount paid or incurred for research for, or preparation, planning, or coordination of, any activity" connected with influencing legislation.
com/research/ttlg4c/key_features_influ) has announced the addition of the "Key Features Influencing Online Reservations in US Business Travel in 2012: Survey Snapshot" report to their offering.
Instructors have reward power over students in terms of the grades given in a course and as such there is potential for students to influence grades received by employing any number of upward influencing tactics.
Because this belief motivates doctors to minimize the time and effort they spend influencing the systems they depend on to deliver the highest quality of care--systems that will never live up to their potential without the regular influence of the doctors who use them.
The media relations team also saw the opportunity to assess its effectiveness in influencing customer satisfaction.
A huge variety of physical forces is also at play in influencing primary and other levels of production, including volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and various human influences such as the use of pesticides and fertilizers and increased carbon dioxide production.
We retain these key memories but often forget others that are still influencing us now.
Most respondents indicated that their mother played a larger role in influencing their style.