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This ranking reflects my efforts to mentor researchers and my active participation in international science fora," Hayet Amri told TAP, adding that she is the only MP to be selected from the top 100 most influential women.
The petitioner pleads the court to provide protection and legal support against the influential group.
NAB during its initial enquiry found that these influential personalities are making nefarious efforts to grab Gawadar's land through corruption and forgery and reiterated to handle culprits according to the law.
Aviation trailblazer Amelia Earhart was named the most influential sportswoman, author Jane Austen topped the creative arts list, and actress Judi Dench was named the most influential female performing artist.
It's a labor of love that influential people pursue behind the scenes, every single day.
From serving as a faculty advisor for my masters project to speaking at the Renaissance Dinners in LA, David has been influential in my life for many years.
And Influential has been appointed by law firm DTM Legal to deliver a brand audit and digital marketing strategy.
The full list of Time Magazine's most influential teenagers may be found (http://time.
com/articles/137942/Forbes+Names+4+Politicians%2C+6+Oligarchs+%27Most+Influential+Bulgarians%27" target="_blank"> its first top 30 most influential persons in Bulgaria list.
Gulf Business magazine recently released its list of 100 most influential people in the Arab world for 2013.
com topped in the country for being the most influential news source and came third in the region.
Top spot was taken by chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, who is so influential she can turn a book into an instant bestseller or promote a movie to being a box office smash just by mentioning it on her TV show.