influential persons

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He had learned that Dantes had been taken to prison, and he had gone to all his friends, and the influential persons of the city; but the report was already in circulation that Dantes was arrested as a Bonapartist agent; and as the most sanguine looked upon any attempt of Napoleon to remount the throne as impossible, he met with nothing but refusal, and had returned home in despair, declaring that the matter was serious and that nothing more could be done.
Well, then," after receiving a smile from the young man, "to- morrow morning I will send a petition to one of the most influential persons at the ministry of War,--a man who will refuse nothing to the daughter of the Baron di Piombo.
Then, with the assistance of a few influential persons, he would soon see the matter arranged.
A list of influential persons who had increased their subscriptions so as to cover the cost, and a brief statement of the progress already made with the new work, completed the appeal, and brought the circular to its end.
GUJRANWALA -- Influential persons injured the court bailiff for following the court order to vacate the house from the alleged grabbers at Nowshera Virkan.
He demanded to end occupation of influential persons from lakes including Babli lake so that poor community of fishermen could earn livelihood for their children by fishing in lakes in environment without fear and fright.
Addressing the protesters the PFFF's Chairman Syed Mohammad Ali Shah claimed that influential persons and feudal lords were allegedly illegally occupying an overwhelming majority of some 1,209 lakes in Sindh.
JACOBABAD -- A mammoth rally against increasing incidents of child abuse, honor killing, fake encounters, killing of innocent persons and other injustices being made by influential persons was taken out from Pathan House Jacobabad which marched through different routes and culminated at the DC Office Chowk Jacobabad on Saturday.
Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov upon arrival to the city of Osh was met by a businessman Jalil Atambayev, one of the most influential persons in the region.
She accused police of favouring the suspects and feared they would manipulate the case to allow the influential persons to get away with the crime.
He informed the media that in 2013, a person called Murtaza Khoso, who was backed by influential persons of Sindh, approached the Sindh Civil Administration through an application and claimed that the land located in front of the Pakistan Printing Press belongs to him and not to PTCL which was occupying it.
Holding placards, they demanded an end to the victimisation of the fishing community by influential persons as well as their illegal occupation of sweet water bodies.