influential persons

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He had learned that Dantes had been taken to prison, and he had gone to all his friends, and the influential persons of the city; but the report was already in circulation that Dantes was arrested as a Bonapartist agent; and as the most sanguine looked upon any attempt of Napoleon to remount the throne as impossible, he met with nothing but refusal, and had returned home in despair, declaring that the matter was serious and that nothing more could be done.
Well, then," after receiving a smile from the young man, "to- morrow morning I will send a petition to one of the most influential persons at the ministry of War,--a man who will refuse nothing to the daughter of the Baron di Piombo.
A list of influential persons who had increased their subscriptions so as to cover the cost, and a brief statement of the progress already made with the new work, completed the appeal, and brought the circular to its end.
Children can be successfully introduced to Renaissance history, accomplishments, discoveries, and influential persons through 'Renaissance World', an outstandingly produced four volume series from the Crabtree Publishing Company for young readers in grades 5 to 8.
The remaining 70 plots were given to influential persons without adopting any prescribed rules and the federal minister also did not answer the same querry on the floor of National Assembly, Khan maintained.
The commission said criminal cases against influential persons should come under a special scrutiny and treated as a class, and special attention should be paid to prioritise disposal of such cases.
considering a report of the Law Commission on fast-tracking trials involving influential persons, has said that apart from the Centre, it would also like to hear from all state governments on the issues raised in the petition.
The Bulgarian edition of Forbes Magazine has unveiled its ranking of the top 50 most influential persons in the country, the list being topped by banker Tsvetan Vassilev.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of torture, unleashing of dogs and murder of a poor cultivator by some influential persons in Alipur, Muzaffargarh and sought a report from DPO Muzaffargarh.
The chief minister taking notice of media reports regarding illegal use of government vehicles by former cabinet members, retired government officials and other influential persons has ordered the Secretary Administration to get back all such vehicles immediately.
Sources further told that these seminaries were also supported by local influential persons and these were often seen in these seminaries.
KARACHI -- Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has directed the chief secretary to take necessary measures to recover 153 government vehicles illegally allotted to unauthorised influential persons.