influential sponsor

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SportPesa in an influential sponsor of sports and if their reports are correct, they should be spared.
Clive Feltham, the GRA MD, commented: "Obviously we are very sad to lose such an influential sponsor as William Hill, and we thank them for their unprecedented support of greyhound racing in the last ten years.
He may lack miracles, he may lack the beatific virtues, but he does not lack influential sponsors.
Dagmar Honsbein, the business centre's general manager, welcomed the renewed support: "As a growing organisation NBIC needs influential sponsors and partners like the Bank of Namibia to help us build a new generation of innovative businessmen and women who think outside-the-box.
In addition to the considerable financial resources of the Fund, portfolio companies will benefit from the added value that comes through association with the Fund's influential sponsors, co-managers and investors.
Camden had had influential sponsors since his Oxford years, and the first edition of Britannia (1586) had brought its author extraordinary renown in England and abroad, particularly as one whose scholarship was a tribute to his country.
MILLIONAIRE Jim Cummings's bid to claim a place on the Aberdeen board last night built up momentum with the backing of two pressure groups plus influential sponsors.
Nationwide are proving to be very influential sponsors. Their displeasure with Glenn Hoddle was a major factor in his departure from the job.
One has to learn to build the right connections and show loyalty to the right people-for instance, influential sponsors who can present your case to the decision-making bosses.
As a result, politically adept supervisors who have influential sponsors may advance faster than more qualified co-workers who are not sponsored.