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The HA and neuraminidase (NA) genes are closely related to 2016/2017 swine influenza viruses from the United States.
In the southern cone of South America, overall respiratory disease activity is decreasing, with a mixed picture of influenza viruses.
Safety and efficacy of intravenous zanamivir in preventing experimental human influenza A virus infection.
The company is advancing multiple internal programs toward potential commercialization including Fodosine(TM) in oncology, BCX-4208 in transplantation and autoimmune diseases, peramivir in seasonal and life- threatening influenza and BCX-4678 in hepatitis C.
Droplet Precautions for Influenza Transmission Control
The problem with the influenza virus is that it's constantly changing.
Human cases of avian influenza in Thailand and Vietnam peaked during the winter burning seasons of 2003 and 2004 (Thailand Ministry of Public Health 2005).
Public health officials are preparing for the next pandemic of influenza.
In any influenza [strain], the HA and NA have to be compatible for the virus to grow well," says Basler.
However, there are also some drugs on the market to treat influenza, but few to address most of the flulike illnesses, he said.
The following groups are at higher risk for having medical complications from influenza and should receive the flu shot:
The percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I), as reported by the 122 Cities Mortality Reporting System, did not exceed the epidemic threshold ([paragraph])([paragraph]) for 2 consecutive weeks and ranged from 5.