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The residential for-sale and rental sectors, as well as the office market, have heated up as a result of this added influx of capital in many regions.
Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire says this influx proves the strength of our economy.
The massive influx of immigrants--legal and illegal--had the odd effect of leading to more people being employed overall, yet higher unemployment.
I'm wondering, though, if the demonstrators consider the possibility that curtailing the influx of "illegals" would open opportunities for more legal immigration, in a system which allows a screen for limiting the influx of thieves, rapists, murderers and terrorists into our country.
In the wake of the widespread storm damage across the South, a huge influx of appliances has been available to scrap yards.
That influx of fresh water alters the ocean's salinity near the seafloor, a factor that influences the makeup of the ecosystems in those places.
A leading hypnotherapy clinic has reported an influx of youngsters looking for help to ditch the mobile phone habit which has taken over their lives.
00) reflects extensive updates to the influx of new stars to the London theater scene.
Nearly 80 percent of e-mails sent worldwide are spare, and research has shown that junk communications can cost billions--and not just because companies have to buy extra computer capacity to cope with the influx of e-mails.
The influx of polio survivors is from countries such as Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Africa and has created a "second" wave of survivors, according to Elizabeth Dean, a post-polio researcher at the University of British Columbia.
These migrants, combined with a large influx of retirees and post-secondary students, are keeping all types of listings at a premium.
Hong Kong Cinema explores major developments in the Hong King film making industry, including the changing role of women and the influx of both Eastern and Western influences.