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My intention was to inform Monsieur Laporte, through my husband, in order that Monsieur Laporte might tell us precisely what he taken place at the Louvre in the last three days, and whether there is any danger in presenting myself there.
But I," said D'Artagnan, "can go and inform Monsieur Laporte.
As D'Artagnan so constantly frequented the hotel, no difficulty was made in complying with his request, and a servant went to inform M.
My medical diary informs me that I first saw the English Lord Montbarry, on November 17.
For they suffered nobody to look out, especially with any lights, lest they should know faces, and inform against them afterwards.
Through the medium of her brother-in-law, she begs to inform the late governess that all intercourse is at an end between them, and that she declines to act as reference in case of future emergency.
The servant here informs me that you are one of a party of gentlemen who have just passed by the inn, and who have all gone on except yourself.
Called upon to choose between the course indicated by a physician who is making his five thousand a year, and who is certain of the next medical baronetcy, and the advice volunteered by an obscure general practitioner at the East End of London, who is not making his five hundred a year--need I stop to inform you of her ladyship's decision?
Now since it is possible that some of our readers may not so easily acquiesce under the same ignorance, and as we are very desirous to satisfy them all, we have taken uncommon pains to inform ourselves of the real fact, with the relation of which we shall conclude this book.
Darya Alexandrovna told me to inform you that she is going away.
If you are curious to know what course I took under the circumstances, I beg to inform you that I did what you would probably have done in my place.
On Arthur's speaking to her of his going to inform Pancks that he might now appear as soon as he would, and pursue the joyful business to its close, she entreated him in a whisper to stay with her until her father should be quite calm and at rest.