inform against

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A British Special Branch handler approaches the father-to-be offering him cash to inform against the IRA.
When a British Special Branch handler (Ben Kingsley) approaches him, offering money to inform against the IRA, he reluctantly accepts, believing his identity as a mole will never be exposed.
Karen, newly released from prison, is targeted by police who use any means possible to persuade her to inform against her gangster brother.
The young ardent Sawsan becomes an zealous supporter of the regime and takes pleasure in terrorizing her classmates and neighbors by threatening to inform against them and doing this indeed.
Why does a poet so concerned with his image and posterity appear to inform against himself?
Meanwhile, al-Sanea called for protecting those who inform against
Soon after, a British Special Branch handler called Fergus (Sir Ben Kingsley) approaches Martin and offers him a significant amount of money to inform against the IRA.
2 : to inform against : accuse <I denounced him as a traitor.
How all occasions do inform against me / And spur my dull revenge' he remarks.
In his musing over "how all occasions do inform against me" in 4.
Thus, Conrad argues, those who inform against the family cell, exposing its inner (dys)functions, offer the best hope for liberation and an invigorated public sphere.
The ubiquity of gin retailing proved to be beyond the limited capacities of public authority, so the government created incentives for the poor to inform against each other.