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In Equity practice, the party who answers a bill or other proceeding in equity. The party against whom an appeal or motion, an application for a court order, is instituted and who is required to answer in order to protect his or her interests.

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n. 1) the party who is required to answer a petition for a court order or writ requiring the respondent to take some action, halt an activity or obey a court's direction. In such matters the moving party (the one filing the petition) is usually called the "petitioner." Thus, the respondent is equivalent to a defendant in a lawsuit, but the potential result is a court order and not money damages. 2) on an appeal, the party who must respond to an appeal by the losing party in the trial court, is called "appellant" in the appeals court.

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the other party to a petition or an APPEAL.
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RESPONDENT, practice. The party who makes an answer to a bill or other proceeding in chancery. In the civil law, this term signifies one who answers or is security for another; a fidejussor. Dig. 2, 8, 6.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Late on Christmas Eve, the 26-year-old visited the informant at home in Peyia, where he stayed the night.
The informant, who was arrested in Kane County in an unrelated drug trafficking case, told police he could "give them a police officer who was selling drugs."
SINCE around 2002, the handling of informants was taken away from police divisions in GMP and handed over to the centralised Force Intelligence Branch.
Former Northumbria Police detective Nigel Wilkinson last year told the Chronicle that paying the informant known as XY was the right thing to do.
In a simple ceremony at the PDEA headquarters in Quezon City, the informants received the incentive, which falls under the PDEA Operation: Private Eye (OPE), a reward and incentive scheme designed to encourage private citizens to report any suspected illegal drug activity in their community.
The informant contacted the younger of the Lebanese brothers, aged 42, and agreed to meet him in front of a hypermarket in Al Ghusais and to buy the banned pills that were meant to be transported to a neighbouring country.
"But unfortunately well over 90 per cent of informant money is for information about drugs offences, and a large proportion of that is actually just the larger organised crime groups getting rid of smaller rivals.
A former police officer who helped convict Burger Bar Boys gang members has labelled the PS1 million spent on police informants as a 'waste of money'.
Tony Brown, a former military police officer who became a secret informant for Merseyside Police, faced three trials spanning five years before proceedings against him collapsed last week.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) recently turned over a total of P22.5 million to nine informants, who were instrumental in containing nine notorious personalities, including two New People's Army (NPA) leaders and three Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) sub leaders.
Dubai - A 30-year-old traffic police officer has been sentenced to six months in jail by the Court of First Instance for accepting a Dh2,000 bribe from an undercover police informant. The defendant collected the bribe to write a traffic accident report without actually inspecting the vehicle at the accident scene.

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