information against

See: complaint
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He lodged an information against Cornelius de Witt, setting forth that the warden -- who, as he had shown by the letters added to his signature, was fuming at the repeal of the Perpetual Edict -- had, from hatred against William of Orange, hired an assassin to deliver the new Republic of its new Stadtholder; and he, Tyckelaer was the person thus chosen; but that, horrified at the bare idea of the act which he was asked to perpetrate, he had preferred rather to reveal the crime than to commit it.
After it is over-say at eight to-night--come you to me, in Saint Antoine, and we will give information against these people at my Section.
Do you recollect the words in which the information against you was formulated?
Surely you don't really imagine that he may be kidnapped in order to give information against his wealthy uncle?
Once let them both get together again, and it's her interest and his interest to turn their information against me.
Nyakundi (pictured) is said to have published the information against Interior CS Fred Matiang'i.
and Jared Kushner for their meetings with a group of Russians who promised damaging information against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.
In a separate interview, Eleazar said gathering information against criminals on bikes were more difficult than targeting drug pushers.
The lawsuit accused the aforementioned group of defaming al-Zind by publishing false information against him, and the judicial institutions.
Moreover, the medium-voltage system which supplies the entire building complex, in need of renovation and information against a more powerful ausgetauscht.
Al-Jubeir added, at a news conference here, that Saudi Arabia is following US Secretary of State John Kerry talks with his Russian counterpart, as Kerry carries a proposals on strengthening military cooperation, in the field of information against Daesh, al-Qaeda and other terrorists, in Syria, to the Russians.
Verify all phone information against 4,500 carriers to confirm connectivity, ownership, phone type, activation date and carrier information in a single batch process

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