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A few patients choose to leave race information blank altogether (<7 percent) or choose the "I prefer not to answer" option (<3 percent).
In fact, she left the insurance information blank on the sign-up form, she said.
A better way to handle this situation is to leave the missing information blank on the application with a note saying, "Information to follow." This procedure allows for the prompt submission of applications and binders and rids the practice of guessing.
Leaving this information blank may result in an e-filing rejection but it easily passes paper filing, provided that the correct tax at the parent's rate is calculated.
Ferguson said she intentionally left some information blank not because she felt the town manager was doing a bad job or "was doing something I disagree with," but that "there were just some areas where I felt not enough time had passed for me to sufficiently evaluate her properly or to make a comment (in a particular area)."
This week, MP's expenses were published with most of the information blanked out and we heard that the latest Iraq Inquiry was to be convened behind closed doors until the Government was forced again by public opinion to change their stance.
You may wish to go back over previous transactions to consider applying to have prejudicial information blanked out from them too.

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