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Under the new system, the role of the teacher has changed from an information giver to a facilitator.
The refined sense of the nurse was that she played the important twin roles of information giver and supportive carer (figure 1).
Steve is precise about the kind of help he offers: ``I am an information giver, not a therapist.
Under the FGC paradigm, professionals play the role of information giver, community organizer, lender of their expertise, and resource provider based on family identified needs, contradicting decades of practices and beliefs.
On direct examination the witness is the information giver, not the attorney.
Not only does the trial present several aspects of an issue, it offers students opportunities to study various opinions and facts from different perspectives without the teacher being the primary information giver. Thus, students have an opportunity to prepare the trial by analyzing media information and assimilating values and ideas of their peer group, which makes the learning more receptive and meaningful.
To make decisions I seek opinions both pro and con from within and without the community, and I try to keep personalities and prejudices (both mine and the information givers) out of it.
Chiroma Hassan declared that research carried out by CITAD revealed that sentiment and selfish agenda has given people the momentum to become information givers while recklessness has encouraged same people to use technology for bad by manufacturing lies and disseminate same on websites, groups and pages on Facebook to make readers emotional and sometimes even react violently.
The e-toll system also has a fast tracking system installed which detects wrong information givers.
Our information givers will always treat you with the utmost courtesy and consideration.
These include: print materials, a toll-free telephone service, an internet site, national training and support for information givers, a national publicity campaign, State and community-based outreach and education, and enhanced beneficiary counseling through State Health Insurance Assistance Programs.
The e-toll system also has a fast tracking system installed which detects wrong information givers. As such, in case there is no amount in the account of the concerned person the NHA electronic system recognizes it and give stop signal by flashing the red light and not lifting the bar.

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