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For nearly a decade, The Freedom Forum Media Studies Center has studied and tracked the coming information superhighway through publications, our technology laboratory and a continuing series of seminars, with the belief that technology directly reflects change in the media industries and society.
However, according to Weis, that may not be easy, even on the information superhighway.
In advance of the teleconference, participants received The Information Superhighway Game--a resource guide designed to provide information needed to make responsible and well-informed technical, social, and political decisions about how the information superhighway will affect communities.
Talk about the information superhighway evoked images of free-wheeling, wide-ranging exploration.
This inequity in access to the information superhighway is, of course, the problem that ALA Goal 2000 was designed to solve.
The major tenet of the new BellSouth approach, named "Community Crossroads," is the company's conviction that local communities of interest (A) do exist; (B) vary from city to city and state to state; and, (C) should have a major say in how, when and where the company builds information superhighways for their use.
Expected to be completed before the end of June, the network will serve as the backbone of China's planned information superhighway.
The NIIT is a non-profit collaboration of industry, government, and academia devoted to accelerating the development of the information superhighway and its applications.
The AT&T-Unisource contract was awarded by four TEN-34 members: NORUnet, the Nordic information superhighway linking research and education centers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; SURFnet bv, an information superhighway provider in The Netherlands; UKERNA, the United Kingdom Education for Research Networking Association; and RedIRIS, the Spanish academic network for research and development.
Another 1,800 schools are connected to the information superhighway using other digital services from Pacific Bell.
Clendenin said the nationwide information superhighway will be like North Carolina's -- widely available, bringing sophisticated capabilities to people, businesses and institutions no matter their size.
The Clinton administration believes the information superhighway offers tremendous potential to help improve the delivery of healthcare, education and government services," stated Larry Irving, assistant secretary of commerce of for communications and information.

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