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In 1999, while Internet usage continued to grow by leaps and bounds, the news media played down information superhighway imagery--with a mere 842 mentions in major papers.
There are cautionary tales about unlicensed drivers on the information superhighway.
Documents and data will be gathered from state library agencies and from librarians identified by those agencies as implementors of significant programs involving the information superhighway.
Yet, unbeknownst to the advocates of telecommuting, the coming information superhighway portends an environmental disaster of the first magnitude.
Everyone is well aware of what the information superhighway portends in a competitive marketplace for the economically disadvantaged, but no one yet has an answer.
In advance of the teleconference, participants received The Information Superhighway Game--a resource guide designed to provide information needed to make responsible and well-informed technical, social, and political decisions about how the information superhighway will affect communities.
At the Networks Expo conference in San Francisco, John Krick, an analyst at Datapro Research, conducted a session called "Driver Training on the Information Superhighway.
The daunting task for the news media is to bring together the complex fragments of economic, technological, political and public-policy issues into a picture of the information superhighway that the public can understand.
The media has thrust the information superhighway on us, but we have yet to understand what the phenomenon is.
Now, before you grunt "Bah humbug" or quickly close this magazine to calm your shaking hands, take a deep breath, close your eyes and chant this mantra for the '90s: "The information superhighway is my friend .
Given these stakes, telephone and cable companies are spending millions of dollars to try to ensure the best possible advantage and the greatest possible corporate profits from building and using the information superhighway.
The evolution of the Information Superhighway resembles that of the internal combustion engine.

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