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In information theory, information intended to be sent to a receiver is called a message, and is distinguished from other types of information.
Lacan's encounter with American game theory, cybernetics and information theory, she proposes, was central to his rethinking of Freud in the mid-1950s.
A software tool intended to the teaching and learning of information theory basic concepts was designed at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at Universidad del Valle (Calf, Colombia, South America) and has being used at the graduate course Information Theory (class code 710599) since the fall 2006 season.
Thomas, Elements of Information Theory, JohnWiley & Sons, New York, 1991.
In Panel A of Table 5, we use bond rating changes to test the asymmetric information theory.
While still within the realm of information theory, a measure referred to as the type-token ratio provides a simple yet theoretically based approach for determining lexical complexity.
Information theory implies that certain types of cardholders are more likely than others to be sensitive to, and to shop for, lower rates.
Aubrun and Szarek write for quantum information researchers who want to learn asymptotic geometric analysis or to apply its tools; for mathematicians interested in learning quantum information theory or at least the part of it that is relevant to functional analysis, convex geometry, random matrix theory, and related areas; and for beginning researchers in either field.
After reviewing the background and fundamentals of physical layer security, they cover approaches based on information theory, signal processing, game theory, and graph theory.
Thus, this study seeks to investigate, in periodical publications, the scientific articles that address issues related to Entropy and Information Theory.
Using this postulate and five axioms drawn from information theory, the researchers have derived the basic mathematical framework of quantum mechanics.
Washington, Jan 29 (ANI): A new study shows how Shannon's Information Theory can also be applied to studying high water and flooding.

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