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As Taiwan moves forward in the age of a new industrial revolution, and as it aims to become a country full of "smart cities," informational security will be of paramount importance from the central government down to local county and city governments as well.
Before digital search tools such as Glassdoor, Google, and LinkedIn, informational interviews were the best way for job seekers to get a taste of what it would be like to work for different accounting firms and industries, start a rapport with company executives, and build on contacts should a job opening come up.
Here, Floridi argues for a so-called e-environmental approach, concerned foremost with the infosphere and the informational entities within it.
Short (2013) pointed out that because nonfiction and informational texts are receiving more attention, especially in the younger grades, this emphasis does not translate to a deemphasis of fiction and literary texts.
As they said before, the exhibition ended its work on 22nd of May, but the implementation of Business-Inform Informational Project continues.
This book will help many teachers tackle the difficult task of placing a higher emphasis on informational text.
Despite that the components of holding and driving mechanisms for shaft machining are described in detail in technical literature, the associated informational symbols are not very well defined for all possible situations (Tonoiu et al.
Some might say that informational reading is inherently more difficult than literary reading, but many nations had comparable literary and informational reading achievement, and some even had stronger informational achievement, so that explanation seems insufficient.
Many inexperienced informational interviewees flounder when they aren't immediately offered a job.
Most of his life was devoted to the research of the informational theory, including philosophy of the informational, theory of informational phenomenalism, informational machines and informational operating systems, informational investigations in literature, media, communication by theory and machines, informational theory of consciousness and informational entity programming.
Informational interviewing is like what journalists do to get information for articles they are writing.

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