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2] does not necessarily reflect the price informativeness of a firm.
The informativeness and conclusiveness of individual segregating sites as evaluated by polymorphism information content, shows that the ability of the identified segregating sites to distinguish genotypes for the mGH gene was relatively high.
The authors of [3] investigated the effects of the entertainment and informativeness of mobile advertising in Davis's TAM and in the model in which the hedonic characteristics and smart TAM were combined, and then examined the difference of the effects in the two models.
Based on our results, we claim that the informativeness of the particle is related to its experiential status in relation to topology: the more informative particle will be the one with less potential for varied metaphorization.
Keywords: Attitudes, Credibility, Good for Economy, Hedonism, Informativeness, Online Advertising
H1: The perceived Informativeness of the Twitter ad is positively associated with its perceived Advertising Value.
Thus, Ducoffe argued that the three variables of informativeness, entertainment, and irritation were the starting point of assessing the value of an advertisement.
In this research, the quality of accounting information will be measured by the accounting information relevance and book earnings informativeness.
Secondly, the labeled training dataset is used to learn an initial dictionary, and then the samples are iteratively selected from unlabeled dataset based on two measures: informativeness and representativeness.
Another possible way to improve classification results could be more thorough investigation of informativeness of the spectral bands in TI image.
Companies' reactions to unreliable operating settings that arise from an unsatisfactory degree of public sector transparency are somewhat anticipated: companies may decide to diminish informativeness in return, adjusting their accounting reporting so that they hinder access to corporate financial data, or may decide to restrict public access to real corporate financial data.