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The answers, given with great nervousness of manner, but without the slightest appearance of reserve, informed us of the facts that follow:
I am informed that there are serious reasons for my stating what passed between us on this occasion, in detail, and without any reserve.
Luker informed me, sir, that he had no money to lend.
The Indian had thereupon asked to be informed of the best and safest person to apply to for the loan he wanted.
They informed Captain Bonneville, however, that not far from his quarters they had found a wallet of fresh meat and a cord, which they supposed had been left by some prowling Blackfeet.
A telegram from our messenger informed us that the lodge-keeper's daughter and her husband had left New York, and that he was still in search of a trace of them.
Suppose I informed him--as I inform you in confidence--that his son
He informed the Committee that a special incentive of Prime Minister for improving export with Rs 180 billion has been announced which has been giving positive results.
Patient's informed consent is a legal document and a moral principle.
It's up to us to keep them informed and let them know our point of view on issues.
Perhaps it's because they recognize their own shortcomings as communicators that some physicians--particularly those performing invasive procedures--rely on the informed consent document.
The Panel's recommendations are organized within four areas: (1) enhancing Informed Consent; (2) enhancing confidentiality protection; (3) enhancing the effectiveness of IRBs in handling "minimal risk" research; (4) and general system improvement issues.