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Informedness Effects, Legally Required Visual Communications,
inadequate level of informedness about potentially harmful products or
The last metric called Informedness [24] which corresponds to the probability that you are making an informed decision versus guessing.
The results are counted up by computing the corresponding performance evaluation metric: accuracy, kappa and informedness in two databases and with different features.
The determinants of public support for tax initiatives examined include socioeconomic factors, indicators of self interest, various political and value orientation measures that serve as indicators of political symbolism, and a measure of citizen informedness and knowledge.
The independent variables used as determinants of public support toward tax initiatives include several socioeconomic indicators, knowledge and informedness indicators, two indicators of self interest, and several indicators of political and value orientations.
In this instance the announcement of unexpected or abnormal earnings causes an increase in informedness (investors become more knowledgeable about the firm) and a decrease in consensus (heterogeneous interpretations by investors).
Information asymmetry is similar to the informedness effect.
ideas of share price accuracy and share price informedness, and the
An analysis of the execution cost of LRTA* until it reaches a goal state and how it depends on the informedness of the initial state values and the topology of the state space is given in Koenig and Simmons (1996a, 1995).
Informedness versus Computational Cost of Heuristics in Iterative Repair Scheduling.