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[10-11] So, in conceiving of information as ideas readily packageable into words, easily transferred to patients and as easily and clearly extracted and understood by them, we reveal our belief that the process of informing is passive and simple, as simple as pouring content from one container to another, or transferring digitally stored data, or, well, simply telling someone.
The obligation of informing the physician of medical intervention.
The petitioner Hassan Wasim Afzal and his spouse Farkhanda Wasim Afzal told the court the government first of all made them OSD and later retired them without informing them.
In this situation, in an effort to be respectful of the student, the counselor might have informed the student of her decision before informing the principal (if she did not fear an immediate violent response on the part of the student), or might have met with the student and the principal when the principal confronted the student regarding the situation.
Typical of the ideological "blind spot" informing most criticism of If He Hollers, Milliken's analysis de monstrates the pressing need for a black male feminist critique.
Informing patients to get consent is difficult because average patients and average doctors speak very different languages.
The omnibus exposure draft, Audit Adjustments, Reporting on Consistency, and Service Organizations (Omnibus Statement on Auditing Standards--1999), adds to a list of matters addressed in the audit engagement letter an item reminding management it is responsible for correcting material misstatements and for informing the auditor of any uncorrected, nonmaterial misstatements.
Hutson apologized for his sloppy research on the original paper and then sought to gain favor with his audience by informing them that he is, in fact, a liberal in religion.
Informing parents of the diagnosis of a chronic illness or disability in their child can be a difficult task.
This health talk opened up with the gym teacher asking for definitions of health, and, after receiving these, informing us that health is in the eye of the beholder.
The court did find that the doctors had violated the man's rights by not informing him of what they were doing with the tissue.
If, in Example 2, the tickets are priced at $X0, under the RRA, since the $75 limit is exceeded, the donor must now receive a written statement from the organization informing the donor of the value of the meal and that the charitable deduction is limited to the amount of the payment in excess of that amount.