informing against

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Yet, full of happiness as was Boxtel's heart at the chance, he at first shrank with horror from the idea of informing against a man whom this information might lead to the scaffold.
Democracies will be most subject to revolutions from the dishonesty of their demagogues; for partly, by informing against men of property, they induce them to join together through self-defence, for a common fear will make the greatest enemies unite; and partly by setting the common people against them: and this is what any one may continually see practised in many states.
A man capable of informing against his comrades is disgraced, dishonored, despised; the ministers in such a case would disavow their own agents.
An Interior Ministry representative told MPs that such a proposal would increase drug trafficking with drug dealers informing against each other leading to more joining the trade.
ANSWER: Complaining about the boss is always risky, so you must weigh the benefits of informing against the possible cost.
The hard-line Home Office stance on illegal immigration will be construed by some as a government endorsement of xenophobia, with a likely escalation in racial violence and instances of people informing against neighbors they suspect have no right to be in Britain.
One method Hattar suggested for combating corruption is to create laws that will offer protection for whistleblowers, thereby fostering an environment that encourages informing against corruption.
When asked if he respected Mr Blair for his loyalty, Mr Corrigan replied that he did and admitted he thought less of Kevin Fulton for informing against the IRA.
They stressed the importance of spreading family awareness on the dangers of the domestic violence and the importance of informing against those conditions.
One of their primary assignments was informing against fellow peasants, a practice that reached back into Russia's Muscovite past.
This is the Inquisitor, who spreads rumors about witches that are fantastic lies, but with enough truth to mislead weaker folk into informing against women who mean only well.