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a common spinach, modulates C-reactive protein, protein profile, ceruloplasmin and glycoprotein in experimental induced myocardial infracted rats.
a) Early (within 1 month) revascularization may precipitate hemorrhage in the infracted area (Riggs & DeWeese, 1998).
MI occurs when the blood supply to the heart muscle is interrupted due to partial or complete occlusion or thrombosis of coronary artery with the result that some of the heart muscles get infracted.
This is in agreement with previous reports confirming that administration of PD significantly limits LDH release from the I/R infracted myocardial tissue [14] and elevates the activity of SOD in I/R injured lung [10].
7, 12) anti-platelet agents, corticosteroids and surgical excision of the infracted muscle.
sup][20] A third possible reason is that during sexual intercourse, cerebral oxygen demand can increase, which may induce the deterioration of poorly perfused brain tissue and turn it into infracted tissue.
Extent of Infracted Myocardium (Fixed Perfusion Defect): this variable was the summed of segments without radiotracer uptake, which showed no reversible perfusion defect between stress and rest phases images.
Transplantation of fetal myocardial tissue into the myocardial infarction of rat a potential method for repair of infracted myocardium," Circulation, Vol.