infraction of the law

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An infraction of the law having less dignity than a felony and constituting no claim to admittance into the best criminal society.
The song and the jest were exchanged the stories of former deeds were told with advantage; and at length, and while boasting of their successful infraction of the laws, no one recollected they were speaking in presence of their natural guardian.
Albayalde said any motorist who would commit infraction of the law must be accosted since it is what law enforcement, to which the cops have vowed to uphold.
In the instant case of Saraki, it needed to be understood that while 57 Senators were on the floor of the Senate on June 9, 2015 when he was elected unopposed, that is not an infraction of the law in any way.
The judge further said the petitioner and his witnesses failed to name any of the 190 polling stations where the votes were counted in a shambolic and unverifiable manner.Justice Ngaah echoed the Supreme Court's finding that "not every irregularity, not every infraction of the law is enough to nullify an election.
If so, maybe we can all drive as fast as we wish, as getting a ticket is a minor infraction of the law.
for "an infraction of the law of Nations." (121) Faced with
A single infraction of the law, for example, does not mean that the person is consistently a law violator.
It is an enduring and unalterable truth which nobody can change that every infraction of the Law of Cause and Effect carries its consequences with it.
Andrea Barros, a lawyer for the Jaime Guzman Foundation, a conservative policy group, says the law "is an incentive for the proliferation of lawsuits, where the objective is to prosecute manufacturers for every infraction of the law, large or small, whether intentional or not."
In the documentary, Orange County Judge Margaret Anderson states that the large number of charges filed against Kani's minor infraction of the law is highly unusual.
Few officers considered that someone they stopped for a minor infraction of the law would consider taking their lives in an effort to escape.