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Physical hunger was never the issue for them, only the desire for life without the fetters of an infrangible social order.
This program calls for an art that recognizes the infrangible bonds between human beings and the rest of nature, bonds that become evident in the creative capacities of our own bodies and nervous systems that we inherited from our evolutionary past as animals.
Webster then uses this argument--that the ethos of the United States is infrangible, self-evident, and natural--to legitimate the institution of slavery.
23) It would be misleading to contend that the Jacksonians were on the side of tyranny in Shklar's narrative of the two American experiments, but some weight must be given to the reformist and democratic conception of Whig political science which Shklar simply identifies as one which is only preoccupied with protecting property by "building an infrangible wall against the threat of democratic legislation.
En acuerdo con el teologo y humanista picardo, Dios predestina y reprueba con base en un infrangible decreto, eternamente preestatuido.
Existe, pues, una incontrovertible directio Dei, consistente en una universalisima e infrangible concatenacion de causas eficientes (cf.
El filosofo que contempla el universo y aprehende la corruptibilidad infrangible de los entia naturalia, ha sabido plasmar en si mismo su propia finalidad, y ha devenido un existente en si y para si.
Rene Descartes adopto una solucion insatisfactoria del problema referente a la reconciliacion de libre albedrio y divina soberania, la cual es inconcusa, infrangible e incontrastable.
no ostenta sentido cognoscitivo alguno sino en la medida en que se traduce como infrangible encadenamiento de causas y de efectos.