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The Infrequency and Psychopathology Infrequency scales were
The overall model for CDDSA-Body in women explained a significant proportion of variance in the infrequency, anorgasmia, sexual non-communication, vaginismus, non-sensuality, sexual avoidance, and partner dissatisfaction subscales of the GRISS.
They also offer new combinations of reasons and issues that have not previously featured in quantitative measures of reading infrequency in adolescents.
to be loved in particular for its perplexing infrequency.
The reason for which is simple, by having a group of players taking part in one successful tournament, then a team has to rebuild from scratch once the tournament is over and done with (due to the infrequency of football tournaments).
Of the many reasons offered for the infrequency of the scans, more than half of the respondents indicate that the process is too disruptive to business functions, while one-third said some aspects of their networks were inaccessible.
Let me throw out just a few and see if they sound familiar to you: lack of transparency; the frequency or, should I say, infrequency of updating MAC [maximum allowable cost] pricing; more margin compression each year; restricted networks; unreasonable and capricious audit rules; use of our patients' data; blatant conflicts of interest, including converting patients to mandatory mail order --in short, topics that threaten the sustainability of many in this room and that threaten the access and cost of care to the patients we serve.
The detractor's argument boils down to the simple idea that infrequency of occurrences of death by accident, and certainly dismemberment from an accident, negate the value of the policy.
Its 99 percent effectiveness and the infrequency of doses make the shot an attractive alternative for women seeking to avoid pregnancy.
However, the animosity around Leeds clashes is far worse, with Tuesday's events showing the infrequency of recent meetings has done nothing to dilute the mutual loathing.
Betty Stevenson claimed that the fire was an arson attack because there was nothing to catch fire on its own and the pub had been S ewired Residents up in arms over bin collections COUNCILLOR Bill Woodhead had received numerous complaints from the residents of Rimswell in Stockton about the increasing infrequency of bin collections in the area.