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And it cited frequent incidents of repeated missed collections, infrequent bin rounds and poor complaint handling.
However, Cyperus erythrorhizos, Eleocharis erythropoda, and Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani were infrequent to rare.
Infrequent users can take advantage of a basic price plan with calls at 8p per minute, 4p per text and a data price of 50p per day (for up to 25MB).
Hitzig compute statistical sample sizes for infrequent controls (e.
Although exacerbations tended to increase with increasing disease severity, patients also tended to fall into and remain in one of two groups: those with infrequent exacerbations (0 or 1 per year) or those with more frequent exacerbations.
SmartSolve's fully configurable portal page has the ability to add directional icons and configurable quick searches to provide access for infrequent users to initiate a record, or easily find an existing record to work through any business process, giving infrequent users the confidence to navigate an enterprise system.
Rare association rule mining and knowledge discovery; technologies for infrequent and critical event detection.
The report found that compared with teens who have frequent family dinners (five or more weekly), those who have infrequent family dinners (fewer than three weekly) are twice as likely to use tobacco or marijuana, more than one and a half times likelier to use alcohol, and twice as likely to expect to try drugs in the future.
Factors associated with contraceptive non-use or a gap included ambivalence about avoiding pregnancy, a change in women's lives, social disadvantage, problems with access to services, infrequent intercourse, dissatisfaction with a method and believing that contraceptive providers are not available to answer questions.
GAO Cites FDA's Lax Oversight of Produce Industry: FDA's efforts to combat food-borne illness are hampered by infrequent inspections, not enough staff and the failure to implement a program devoted to the safety of fresh produce, according to GAO investigators.
Of the 226 survey respondents, 77 were frequent ketamine users (defined as using once per week or more), whereas the remainder (149) were infrequent users.
The past occurrence of an event or transaction provides some evidence of the probability of recurrence of that type of event or transaction in the foreseeable future in determining whether the occurrence is sufficiently infrequent,