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Absences defined as infrequent or of short duration include attending a religious service, occasional trip to the barber (haircut), a walk around the block, a drive, attend a family reunion, funeral, graduation, or other infrequent or unique event, or to see visiting relatives.
Palmer's CAM-Series Continuous Mixer is a single size sand and resin mixing unit meant for smaller shops, start-up operations or applications where continuous mixer use is infrequent. It features precise, DC-driven resin pumps and can handle up to 150 lb/mm.
Girls who reported vomiting occasionally were nearly twice as likely to have infrequent menses, and girls who reported frequent vomiting were 5.5 times as likely to have infrequent menses.
The plant, also dubbed the century plant due to its infrequent blossoming, is used to produce tequila.
This exemption enhances the Act's benefits to the startup and infrequent exporter.
Even when considering that the number does not discriminate between frequent and infrequent cross-border shoppers, it is large enough to have attracted the attention of the Government, as indicated by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong's 1998 National Day rally speech.
These data, taken together with prior Phase 2a atopic dermatitis trial results, suggest that etokimab may enable infrequent dosing across atopic diseases.
In a press release, Ryan Vandrey, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the university, cautioned that infrequent cannabis users should be more wary about how much they use with a vaporizer, noting that dosage conditions are crucial.
1 / 2 Though not infrequent at this time of year, the storm still created unfavorable conditions.
Lured by human traffickers, groups of young Pakistani fortune seekers, mostly from different towns and cities of central Punjab, use infrequent routes to enter Iran for onward journey to European countries via Turkey, where they want to seek better earning.
Increased overall mortality and combined risk of cancer or death was seen for lifetime never or infrequent drinkers (less than one drink per week) as well as heavy (two to less than three drinks/day) and very heavy drinkers (three or more drinks/day), compared with lifetime light alcohol drinkers (one to three drinks/week).
The fourth quarter of 2017 results included infrequent charges of $21.1 million ($19.7 million after-tax) mainly due to the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ("the Tax Act") and, to a much lesser extent, USAB merger expenses.