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SME customers can continue to leverage the existing public or private cloud data that they are are using with SME's Cloud platform and use Amazon Glacier for infrequently used data.
In addition, CenterBeam was able to reduce overall storage costs by over 50% using HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimisation software, which automatically moves infrequently used data from expensive Fibre Channel and flash drives to affordable SATA drives.
And concept cars are niche vehicles almost by nature, and niches are places the majors visit all too infrequently.
Areas that may previously have been unsuitable for public access become usable, maintenance is greatly reduced due to the product's effectiveness as a weed suppressant and its long lasting properties mean that topping up is only infrequently required.
Too infrequently the mainstream press will quote a responsible Muslim denouncing the terrorists who use their faith as a rationale for Holy War.
Maier about the canonical text that looms large in our collective imagination but appears infrequently in the lectionary of mainstream churches.
It helps companies safely move infrequently used data, or "inactive reference data", from production databases to inexpensive storage such as automated tape or SATA disks.
The other half of the time, organizations are paying for large numbers of licenses that are not even being used, or are used so infrequently as to not justify the cost.
More than 25 per cent of those with the disorder reported that such help was available either infrequently or not at all.
Anyone who's operated a card printer before knows the challenges users face: the ribbons can be difficult to load and the separate card cleaning mechanisms are often changed infrequently or not at all.
The army not infrequently lies to the volunteer, promising him many options but in practice determining his service path and duty station.
Directors meet only infrequently and can't possibly have the same depth of insight into the business that a CEO has.