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The encroachment, breach, or violation of a right, law, regulation, or contract.

The term is most frequently used in reference to the invasion of rights secured by Copyright, patent, or trademark. The unauthorized manufacture, sale, or distribution of an item protected by a copyright, patent, or trademark constitutes an infringement.

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n. 1) a trespassing or illegal entering. 2) in the law of patents (protected inventions), and copyrights (protected writings or graphics), the improper use of a patent, writing, graphic or trademark without permission, without notice, and especially without contracting for payment of a royalty. Even though the infringement may be accidental (an inventor thinks he is the first to develop the widget although someone else has a patent), the party infringing is responsible to pay the original patent or copyright owner substantial damages, which can be the normal royalty or as much as the infringers' accumulated gross profits. (See: patent infringement, patent, copyright, trademark, plagiarism, royalty)

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In June 2010, the High Court of Justice Chancery Division, Patents Court found that SNNEoACAOs Renasys NPWT products infringe valid claims of two KCI patents.
The Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court's ruling that Boston Scientific's Express, TAXUS Express and Liberte Stents infringe one J&J patent and that the patent is valid.
Charneski follows his Initial Determination earlier this month, in which he found that SiRF infringes six GPS-related patents held by Global Locate, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Broadcom.
The court agreed with Wollenberg that because the Pirates had other means of expressing their ideas, the First Amendment did not allow them to infringe Disney's copyrights.
TORONTO -- Ontario's Social Benefits Tribunal has the jurisdiction to decide questions of law, including whether sections of the Ontario Disability Support Program Act infringe upon the Human Rights Code, Justice J.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously "The Law Society does not infringe copyright when a single copy of a reported decision, case summary, statute, regulation or a limited selection of text from a treatise is made by the Great Library in accordance with its access policy.
coin of selling rights to Web URLs and e-mail addresses that infringe on a patent that was granted to Javaher and Weyer on Dec.
Filtration and purification systems manufacturer Pall Corp., East Hills, NY, has asked a federal judge to order its rival company Cuno, Meriden, CT, to stop making certain filters that infringe on its patented technology.
It outlaws certain kinds of statements on bulletin boards maintained as part of the official municipal Web site, including: statements that infringe on an individual's privacy, defamatory statements, discriminatory statements and sexually arousing comments.
District Court jury ruled that the companies' patented technologies don't infringe on each other.
"And it gave permission for the crown to infringe on those fights."
"Brita has done thorough patent research in developing and patenting our new filter replacement indicator, and we're confident that it does not infringe on any valid patents," said Charlie Couric, president of Brita, regarding the most recent lawsuit.