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However, a party spokesman has insisted it is "not a rip-off" and stressed Ukip had "checked" it does not infringe copyright, declaring: "We're not that stupid.
A party spokesman insisted the design, which features a purple lion on a white background like the Premier League's logo, "is not a rip-off" and stressed that Ukip had "checked" that it does not infringe copyright, declaring: "We're not that stupid.
At January's hearing, prosecutor Jonathan Walker said the case concerned the issue of putting people "in a position whereby they can infringe copyright through the sale of these boxes".
The post Internet hyperlinks do not infringe copyright, EU court advised appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Similarly, if the object scanned is an original artistic work protected by copyright, the act of scanning is likely to infringe copyright in the original object.
4B) To the extent that a term of a contract purports to prevent or restrict the doing of any act which, by virtue of this section, would not infringe copyright, that term is unenforceable.
He argued that doing so encouraged readers to infringe copyright by downloading the screenplay.
Unfortunately, counterfeit and potentially sub-standard oils and lubricants, along with many other types of goods that infringe copyright and quality standards, result in heavy losses for the UK in terms of local jobs and the economy in general.
The High Court observed that iiNet had no direct technical power to prevent its customers from using the BitTorrent system to infringe copyright in the appellants' films.
The introduction of the DEA is a symbolic landmark for record labels, as it will both: (i) help deter further illegal file-sharing; and (ii) assist them to sue those that continue to infringe copyright.
The EPP Conservatives, the largest group in the Parliament, insist that practices that infringe copyright must be made a criminal act.
A HOTEL yesterday insisted it did not infringe copyright laws when it showed live sport matches.