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The encroachment, breach, or violation of a right, law, regulation, or contract.

The term is most frequently used in reference to the invasion of rights secured by Copyright, patent, or trademark. The unauthorized manufacture, sale, or distribution of an item protected by a copyright, patent, or trademark constitutes an infringement.

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n. 1) a trespassing or illegal entering. 2) in the law of patents (protected inventions), and copyrights (protected writings or graphics), the improper use of a patent, writing, graphic or trademark without permission, without notice, and especially without contracting for payment of a royalty. Even though the infringement may be accidental (an inventor thinks he is the first to develop the widget although someone else has a patent), the party infringing is responsible to pay the original patent or copyright owner substantial damages, which can be the normal royalty or as much as the infringers' accumulated gross profits. (See: patent infringement, patent, copyright, trademark, plagiarism, royalty)

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It can be argued that the music industry lost the battle to piracy and online copyright infringement, banking on CD sales instead of transitioning to online digital media for too long.
Also, Rightscorp said that it has already received settlements from subscribers of more than 140 ISPs and closed over 100,000 cases of copyright infringement to date.
(6) Creating a compilation of images obtained from outside or unauthorized sources using the Pin It button can create a problem of copyright infringement because copyright holders retain particular exclusive rights to their works.
In many patent infringement cases, the only practical way that the plaintiff can obtain relief is on a theory of secondary liability, which is generally referred to as indirect infringement.
The Court remands, however, for additional fact-finding as for the two individual officers, whether they were aware of the infringements and could have prevented them.
governing induced patent infringement. Up until the Supreme Court's
In December, the EU court's advocate-general said in a legal opinion that eBay should not be liable unless it had been notified by a trademark holder such as L'Oral of an infringement, and the online offence continued.
Righthaven LLC is a Las Vegas-based technology company allegedly formed for the sole purpose of obtaining the rights to newspaper articles from news chains and suing for copyright infringement of those articles.
In other words, if the infringements are verified, Acer and D-Link will be banned from vending notebook PCs and routers of those kinds in the U.S.
From July 2008, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (1) issued weekly notices ("AFACT Notices") to iiNet alleging that infringements had occurred.