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In both cases the ANDA specification permitted the ANDA filer to make and sell a product which infringes as well as one which does not infringe, but the Federal Circuit reached different conclusions on infringement.
The New Komeito Party and the Democratic Party of Japan have voiced concerns that the Privacy Bill will lead to unreasonable intervention by authorities and infringe upon the constitutional right of freedom of expression.
In two motions, Insmed and its co-defendants requested the Court to find that they did not infringe the 414 patent and the 151 patent.
The lawsuit alleges that the Guidant MULTI-LINK Vision(R) and Xience(TM) V coronary stents infringe patents under exclusive worldwide license to Medtronic Vascular from evYsio Medical Devices, a private Canadian company.
I understand that BEST Direct has been around for a number of years and TT has agreed that this system does not infringe the patents-in-suit," said Harris Brumfield, CEO of TT.
Additionally, litigation has begun regarding BSX's claim that JNJ stent technology infringes on BSX's Ding patent.
Lucent contended that products manufactured by Dolby licensees incorporating Dolby(R) AC-3 technology infringe those patents.
This suit alleges that Ventana's new Benchmark XT(R) slide-staining system - positioned as the successor to its original Benchmark system - infringes another CytoLogix U.
In our suit we asked the Court to confirm that the Monarc product does not infringe any valid, enforceable claim in the Mentor patent.
Eaton said in its filings that it believes the FreedomLine transmission system infringes Eaton's patent rights and that it has filed these actions to protect Eaton's patented technology.