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It outlaws certain kinds of statements on bulletin boards maintained as part of the official municipal Web site, including: statements that infringe on an individual's privacy, defamatory statements, discriminatory statements and sexually arousing comments.
Genentech has continued to assert that Novo Nordisk infringes their patents, and, since we are apprehensive of a separate and immediate legal action by Genentech, we have filed a declaratory judgment action in a U.
Magma Maintains Synopsys Products - Including Astro, Design Compiler, IC Compiler, Physical Compiler and PrimeTime - Infringe Magma Patents
The complaint asserts that numerous Palomar products, including but not limited to, the Palomar 1540 Fractional[TM] handpiece and the Palomar Lux Y[TM] handpiece, willfully infringe upon one or more of United States Patent Nos.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- In a classic "David versus Goliath" struggle, Volkswagen, AG of Germany has been ordered by a District Court in Munich to cease from using a metal foil insulation pad in the manufacturing of its cars because the pad infringes on a German patent granted to ATD Corporation, a privately held company with 75 employees, based in St.
Now only one of the three patents that Synopsys claimed Magma infringes is still at issue in the case, and Magma is proceeding with its charges that Synopsys violated U.
infringes the activity rate responsive patent held by Medtronic, Inc.
As a result of these two decisions, the Court completely resolved the case in LG's favor, entering Judgments against Whirlpool's claims that the Profile Harmony washer or its use infringes the two asserted Whirlpool patents.
The Court ruled that Insmed's process for making IPLEX(TM) literally infringes three claims of the 414 patent.
A company's patents are assets of great value and must be protected, especially when another company willfully infringes them," says Juanita Brooks, lead trial counsel for Avid.
Specifically, Entegris charges that a fluid separation device manufactured and marketed by Pall as the PhotoKleen(TM) EZD-3 Filter Assembly infringes a patent owned by Entegris covering technology used for point-of-use photochemical dispense and filtration in semiconductor manufacturing.
District Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Boston Scientific, alleging that the TAXUS(R) Paclitaxel-eluting coronary stent system infringes Medtronic's Fitzmaurice and Anderson patents.