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That pandemonium had broken loose in the Hun trench was apparent to the Rhodesians not only from the appearance of the deserters, but from the sounds of screaming, cursing men which came clearly to their ears; but there was one that baffled them for it resembled nothing more closely than the infuriated growling of an angry lion.
The infuriated attackers were almost on the point of hewing the stout outlaws to pieces, when the Sheriff cried:
"But when I have no more money left to pay you?" asked the infuriated Danglars.
Now, since, as every one knows, asparagus takes four years in coming to perfection, this civility infuriated Monsieur de Beaufort.
The second mate's gun had jammed, and so there were but two weapons opposed to the mutineers as they bore down upon the officers, who now started to give back before the infuriated rush of their men.
The infuriated pirates buffeted them in the mouth; and Hook roared out, "That seals your doom.
Summary: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Aug 28 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh's Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya on Wednesday slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his remarks against the Central government on RBI approval of transferring money and stated that the Gandhi scion was 'infuriated due to electoral loss".
Police said on Monday that a 25-year-old Kehkashan daughter of Mushtaq, resident of Mohallah Barkatpura got infuriated when her family elders scolded her over domestic dispute.
On today, he got infuriated and shot himself with a gun and finished his life.
The Good Morning Britain host said her co-presenter's provocations infuriated her.
Qaiser, 25, was shot dead by his infuriated cousin after family brawl in Dajkot 249 Rab, Faisalabad.
The shadow minister said she's "infuriated" by the lack of investment in the club and will push for "greater transparency"in his dealings.