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What was most infuriating, however, was that the breaks were full to bursting with ads for online gambling, debt consolidation and payday loans.
Infuriating bouts of constipation get about the same amount of space on the page.
Government officials in Greece have ruled that state-issued identity cards will no longer list citizens' religious affiliation, infuriating leaders of the Orthodox Church who believe the move may be the first step toward separation of church and state.
These twenty-minute tributes were endearing to some and infuriating to many, and needlessly extended already lengthy programs.
Perhaps most infuriating is the insistence of SRA therapists and their devotees that doubters are "in denial" over the issue.
But Okore, who signed from Nordsjaelland in the summer, tweeted: "I may be back this season!!!" Ron Vlaar has underlined his determination to return for Villa's festive fixtures after revealing how "infuriating" he finds long injury lay-offs.
But Kendall is not doing much to help her mom's case, infuriating Twitter followers by just posting this scary skinny pic.
That means that Sunday night in my house can normally be an infuriating experience, until my brainy wife came up be an infuriating experience, until my brainy wife came up with the perfect solution - digitally record it, and just fast forward whenever his wrinkly, aged mouth is flapping his Thatcherspeak.
LEAVING the loo seat up is no longer a man's worst sin against women - preening men are infuriating partners by spending hours in the bathroom.
Narcissistic behaviors displayed by those in power, friends and lovers affect everyone and are prevalent throughout society, which is why Coping with Infuriating, Mean, Critical People is so important and explains a destructive mental pattern which takes hold and affects many.
Barwick, though, is powerless to overturn the FA disciplinary panels decision despite the ban infuriating new England boss Steve McLaren.
The voice of Big Brother turned Welsh for the day - infuriating some housemates in the Channel 4 show but delighting Glyn.