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And infuriating because Bryan blamed the banks for his debt of PS42,000 which he has no intention of paying back.
For me these calls are irritating and infuriating (and messy).
A more partisan biographer would have soft-pedaled Stierle's voracious desire for the spotlight, which was as infuriating around the family dinner table as it was among the senior Joffrey males, whose roles he sought (and got).
My goal in writing this book was to provide insight not only into why disclosure is so difficult but also how error concealment can be infuriating for the victim.
Diana, 17, reckons she "can't control the beasts" and has no intention of stopping her infuriating movements.
SIX household names went on Public Opinion to hear four words picked by viewers to describe just one of them: flamboyant, naive, infuriating and tragic.
And we'll offer a variety of opinions -- new, old, right, left, infuriating, invigorating--on the vagaries of the CEO life.
The new service is infuriating Colombia's existing long-distance phone companies.
As one might expect from a film star, Neeson captures the surface of the role, yet he's unable to embody the heart and substance of Wilde, whose sometimes infuriating choices emanated from an impenetrable mystery.
Not while those infuriating Furies, masquerading as "the Backroom Betties.
JUST in case trips to the Department of Motor Vehicles weren't infuriating enough, members of the state Senate have come up with a way to make them even more so: Charging motorists $5 for coming to DMV offices when they could obtain the same services over the mail or via the Internet.