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A bit further along the track, as my infuriation subsided, I thought: these people are just not in any hurry.
Dowell must have fetishized the art of infuriation.
Nixon was for Fogerty in the Vietnam War era - a great source of inspiration and infuriation.
Sentiments from providers range from reluctant submission to outright infuriation.
The scatological novel does not seem to see any possibility of redemption in the flat characters who misgovern the nation, but Ngugi manages to soften his infuriation by making the narrators and characters describing the leaders suspect of exaggerating and rumor-mongering.
Charlie Crist, the Republican candidate for governor in Florida, declining to appear at a rally with Mr Bush in Pen-sacola - to the White House's obvious infuriation.
It's their presence which ensures, for all the well justified cynicism, criticism and infuriation with the mis-management and incompetence, England still have an outside chance.
To provides the regular infuriation of the regional security to the centre government
For those of you with a strong stomach and a low threshold of infuriation, feel free to read on.
The play is notoriously full of animal references; can we likewise map Quinlaffs infuriation at the "half-breed" who murdered his wife to be akin to the slanderously racialized references to horse-breeding (i) that Iago launches up to Brabantio in the first scene?
Barry's infuriation over a flirtation between her and Ms.
The result is a sense of infuriation of "not being told" and subsequently feeling "incredibly foolish.