infuse funds

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The budget chief added that should the GSIS take on the challenge of managing the pension system of the Armed Forces, the government would have to infuse funds to the agency to make the deal more attractive.
She guessed that such approach would be more acceptable to both the lenders and the borrowers in cases where the promoters are not able to infuse funds and lenders are reluctant to take additional exposure.
The proposal is expected to infuse funds into the sector, which is crucial for development of the country and has vast positive spillover effects over various other sectors and the entire economy.
The expansion is expected to infuse funds of over USD925,000 into Hamilton County according to Bill Hagerty, commissioner of the department of economic and community development.
Three years ago, at the height of the financial crisis had decided to infuse funds into state-owned banks to ensure that it holds a minimum 58% stake and Tier-I capital adequacy ratio is above 8%.
In the annual report for the year ended March, Kingfisher's auditor pointed out that the company's net worth has "completely eroded" due to increasing losses and that it needs to infuse funds to continue as a "going concern".
UTV's financial flexibility remains high, due to support from its promoters and their ability to infuse funds regularly.
They can invite retail investors to put funds for longer tenures at lucrative interest rates, and after adding some margin this kitty can be used to infuse funds into the industry.
International aid and investment have been extended for years, but have not solved poverty in Asia and the world, Mahathir said, adding that the world can create such a scheme to infuse funds to developing countries under the auspices of the United Nations.
The central bank also resumed the same day the outright purchases of short-term government securities to infuse funds into the money market, while introducing a new lending facility from the central bank to private banks.
It said it will also infuse funds into the money market if "excessive movements" in the foreign exchange markets disrupt domestic financial transactions.
Not only was it necessary to infuse funds into services for this population, but it was also necessary to change the perception of rehabilitation professionals that traditionally underserved persons who are deaf cannot succeed in rehabilitation programs.