infuse life into

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Clean and Inviting: Pairing PPG's Willow Springs (PPG1007-1) with Gibraltar Gray (PPG1002-6) can infuse life into any space.
Sunday's preliminary results show the widespread discontent by the people with Tsipras after four years of populist reforms he implemented in exchange for Greece's international bailout to infuse life into the sluggish economy and to prevent the country from departing from the EU's monetary union, popularly known as 'Grexit'.
"She said to be a giver and infuse life into your teammates."
Indeed, instead of any single company, public or private, being given the right by the Philippines to infuse life into a major shipbuilder for the world, such consortium can be designed from global players across all continents.
Gamperaliya will infuse life into the rural economy through a rapid public investment programme for rural infrastructure, which will help the recovery from setbacks in two successive years of drought, Minister of Finance and Media, Mangala Samaraweera said recently.He was speaking at the CEOs Forum 2018 on Development Landscape of Sri Lanka 2025, organised by the Postgraduate Institute of Management Alumni Association (PIMAA) at the Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo.
The jovial West Indian, a walking wounded after having busted his right knee while bowling, showed Pathan-like qualities to nick a thriller against the Quetta Gladiators and infuse life into Peshawar Zalmi's title defence of the HBL Pakistan Super League.
Outside parties such as China and Russia can hardly infuse life into the process.
The opponents of the plan proposed by the property developers, who believe the new edifice will infuse life into an otherwise underdeveloped part of the city, state that the reference to the tortured victims who were interrogated in the property before they could be taken to a concentration camp is restricted to a small room on the ground floor, the ( Guardian reported.
HERE'S a challenge that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal may or may not take up: to infuse life into the hospitals that currently operate under the three civic bodies in the Capital.
If security concerns are thoroughly addressed, China's greater strategic plan encompassing two major continents, while working on bilateral ties with states like Pakistan and Afghanistan involved in it, could not only benefit Beijing and give it a long awaited economic hold, but could infuse life into dwindling economies of partner states - especially that of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Verdae Group principals have over decades of combined experience and have worked on commercial projects, municipal development, historic preservation, and much more to infuse life into local communities.
By appearing in about sixty films in a fruitful career that spanned 54 years, he got the time to study in depth each character he was to portray and infuse life into. Thus, the spineless lover in his earlier movies like Babul, Dagh and Devdas was vastly different from the Mughal Prince in Mughal-e-Azam and the rustic characters in Naya Daur and Ganga Jumna.