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HERE'S a challenge that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal may or may not take up: to infuse life into the hospitals that currently operate under the three civic bodies in the Capital.
If security concerns are thoroughly addressed, China's greater strategic plan encompassing two major continents, while working on bilateral ties with states like Pakistan and Afghanistan involved in it, could not only benefit Beijing and give it a long awaited economic hold, but could infuse life into dwindling economies of partner states - especially that of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Natural fabric expert Shinichiro Yoshida, obi artisan Genbei Yamaguchi and Avex Group have come together to infuse life into "majotae.
Verdae Group principals have over decades of combined experience and have worked on commercial projects, municipal development, historic preservation, and much more to infuse life into local communities.
Thereafter, Iranian coach Afshin Ghotbi made a couple of substitutions in the second half to infuse life into the side.
May be they can infuse life into the joint mechanism against terrorism and efforts to collect intelligence together, gulfnews.
Gala Tea and Coffee is aiming to infuse life into the flagging hot beverages market with the launch of two Continental-style espresso products under its Lyons brand.
That's good news when you are trying to infuse life into a moribund organization.
While he admired and envied Simenon's ability to infuse life into his characters, he criticized their mediocrity and their lack of willpower, and advised him to portray more dynamic characters, heroes who would bear witness to man's potential for greatness rather than failures crushed by forces they can neither understand nor control.
They'll have to produce more than a million tons to be viewed as anything other than a hippie business," says Sweeney, who would like to see kenaf infuse life into small pulp and paper mills now idle due to tree shortages.
One of the changes was with regard to a dialogue -- " Ye to murde mein bhi jaan dal dete hai" ( He can also infuse life into the dead).
In partnership with Spa Week, Mighty Leaf Tea is also introducing spa-goers at select spas to signature herbal, green and black whole leaf tea pouches that infuse life into the ancient indulgence of the daily tea ritual.