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Teapot 2000 has a heatproof handle, clear six-cup glass base, removable infuser, and heatproof mat.
The INNOVA[TM] Electric Infuser Accelerator is currently available online with a suggested retail price of $79.
Charles Viancin introduces its new Pick Your Tea Infuser Set, cleverly designed to make infusing full-leaf tea easier and cleaner than ever.
Also with an eye on tea, Lifetime Brands' La Cafetiere line introduced a double-walled borosilicate glass tea infuser with a removable stainless-steel infuser, both of which are dishwasher safe.
Pour un the plus fort, ajouter plus de the, plutot que de laisser infuser plus longtemps.
The Sleep Infuser is based on an audio technology that uses natural soundscapes, such as ocean waves, rhythms of steam trains and cocoon environments, to help block background noise and distractions.
John Replogle, Seventh Generation's president and chief executive officer, says the company will use its extensive sales, marketing and distribution network to expand sales of Gamila's two products: the Impress Coffee Brewer, a variation on French press brewing for busy people; and the Teastick, a one-cup tea infuser designed to make it easier to use loose tea leaves.
The Gamila brand includes two products, Impress Coffee Brewer, which is a one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker, and Teastick, a single-serve infuser and a tea scoop and stirrer.
99 SAVE 51p | You'll be cooking up a storm this summer too with these brilliant bargains | Ice Core Infuser Pitcher 2.
The sculptural Luci loose tea infuser steeps in style while keeping drips in check, ($12) teaforte.
Schauer said that biosorbents like cilantro could be packed into tea-bag-like packets, reusable water filter cartridges or even tea infuser balls and used to remove heavy metals.