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30-60 with syringe infusers line for precision parenteral drugs and solutions for use in computer jms
We created the Zingo for people who want a sturdy, compact water infuser on-the go", says Zing Anything CEO, Joshua Lefkovitz.
That's the vision behind the latest product from innovative industrial design and product development firm Cardboard Helicopter, The Splash Infuser is a beverage device that gives any flavor-conscious person a quick and easy way to infuse drinks with healthy, natural ingredients.
As consumers look to better their health and wellness, the category is focused on developing products that support this effort, with infusers that allow the user to use loose-leaf tea or to add fruits and other ingredients to their drinks.
That's precisely what a tea infuser, just launched in Dubai, is called with its makers claiming that it can retain the original flavour and aroma of the tea leaves plucked from India's rich plantations.
The Teastick Gems, a new three-in-one loose tea infuser, scoop and measuring device, provide optimum flow for perfect steeping right in the cup.
The Infuser is more distributive, with a high degree of cross-cavity and axial material transfer and minimal temperature increase," says Myers.
Gift boxes of 12 aluminum infusers ($15) are in some gourmet shops.
On the manufacturing side, while several companies have come out with tea carafes, (see related story), tea accesory designs am are going beyond the standard mesh infusers and tea balls m use for so long.
Beveled infusers and hot and cold drink holders offer functional and fashionable ways to hydrate on the move
The infusers have a green element to them as well since you re-use the bottle.
The company has earned accolades for its Infusers, which create the ultimate and convenient steeping process.