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Inspiracion que pudo tener como protagonistas a los religiosos del convento almonteno de la Victoria, al relacionar el rocio natural, que se agradecia a la Virgen, con el rocio simbolo del Espiritu Santo, tomado de la liturgia de Pentecostes: Sancti Spiritus, Domine, corda nostra mundet infusio: et sui roris intima aspersione foecundet.
Ma by top producer De Martino, it's excellent with masses of fruit supported by an infusio of herbs and spice producing super-succulent and well balanced red.
La salud publica empezo a erradicar los olores que flotaban en las ciudades del siglo XVIII; en la siguiente centuria las calles se limpiaron de sustancias putrescibles, los medicos abandonaron las infusio nes aromaticas y probaron nuevos metodos terapeuticos.
Now the shoe is on the other foot: French mobile developer Infusio is suing Microsoft over a three-year deal it signed in 2005 to make cellphone content based on the sci-fi action game.
-- Philips 330: Sleek and miniature in an active clamshell design, its metallic mirror-like shine hides a number of leading-edge features, such as color call alert, 32-tone polyphonic melodies, horoscope predictor, built-in game powered by the Infusio V2 games engine, and Philips' Fotocall function, which lets users identify who's calling them in an instant, with embedded images or icons representing up to 10 different groups of callers and the ability to choose a specific melody for each.
Asi, Hildegard se refiere a la fertilizacion, por divina accion, de Maria virgen, como superna infusio (15) que provoca que reciban "los elementos (...) los goces de la vida, mientras el cielo resplandecia y resonaba en alabanzas" (poema no 14 Cura processit factura).
According to InFusio four of the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers are already integrating ExEn into their present and future generations of cellphones and three major cellular operators have agreed to offer ExEn games to their customers in 2001.