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And Ingather can conduct research on just about anything that is intended for public consumption: a new product, a public-service message to teach children about fire safety, or even on a new weather forecaster, to see whether his or her personality will be right for a certain TV news station.
Polish-born Ashkenazi Jew Faithlovitch (1881-1955), an adventurer, traveler, missionary, and scholar, was the architect of the migration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, one of the most problematic groups to be ingathered. He arranged for the first group of the Beta Israel, the Jews of Ethiopia, the Falashas, to go to Israel in 1955.
In many ways, it is tempting to see the influence of modern literary experimentation and method upon this volume: multiple foci and indeed seemingly discrete events ingathered to form a larger pattern--so that paradox and congruence are given due weight as central to the history and presentation of American slavery.
The occasions of a fragment - interruption of the incessant, deprivation of posterity, astonishment by awe - may be ingathered by a circumstance which is a condition also: piety.
The traditional Diaspora accepted, much more universally than the modern Diaspora ever has, the notion that its destiny was to come to an end and be ingathered. On that miraculous day, those who were already in the land of Israel would deserve the honor of being in the front line to welcome the Messiah.
Today's Jewish state hosts minorities, lays sewage lines, ingathers exiles, mandates electric cars, but also drops cluster bombs.
The original version of the song -- "We are All Jews" -- celebrates Israelis' solidarity with each other despite the differences between the ingathered communities.
In the bitterest of ironies, an ancient nation that was ingathered in 1948 precisely to prevent another Holocaust has become the fevered focus of another Final Solution.
We must return to the Lebanese abode which ingathers us all and, enables us to implement a Bbda Declaration which allowed the disarming of North Lebanon and sent gunmen into Syria; For this, we took a move towards Saudi Arabia where I demanded that Lebanon be spared becoming a conduit with the aforementioned Declaration entailing a state of accord, he added.