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This endless imaginative cycle of returning to Israel both mimics and mocks, again, the notion of the ingathering of the exiles.
74) Their faith was still strong: they told him that they believed that the ingathering of the Elect would take place on church property in the year 2000--ironically, the year that both men died.
Today, Israel is the centre for the ingathering of exiles.
If Making Toast was an act of ingathering, this book is an act of deaccessioning, a send-off on a funeral boat out to sea, a valediction.
Currently dated dry food items for the Thanksgiving ingathering for the Leicester Food Pantry may be dropped off at Christ Episcopal Church, The Hair Force at 1089 Main St.
In chapter 3, Scott counters the contemporary school book narrative of the precolonial state as based on a gradual and peaceful ingathering of stateless people and portrays it instead as dominated by war, slavery and coercion.
Packer argues that in the Letter to the Romans Paul "laments stubborn unbelief on Israel's part when confronted with the gospel" but "looks ahead to a great ingathering of Jews into the believing community at some future date" (pp.
Living in Two Worlds" is an amazing achievement, a powerful ingathering of knowledge and wisdom, and a significant offering to the growing field of Native American cultural studies and history.
Late because they're stuck in one exilic fantasy or another; late because the adventure of ingathering doesn't seem all on the up and up; late because they're owed payments, and you're goddamned right they're going to collect .
Today's topic: Will Ingathering of Exiles bring Shechina?
In my book, The Way Into Tikkun Olam (Fixing the World), I explore eight parts of that ideal vision: (1) children, (2) the Land of Israel, (3) the ingathering of the exiles, (4) prosperity, (5) health, (6) justice, (7)
Platonic participation (methexis) means the ingathering of the world into the subjective being of the knower.