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He had ingeniously adopted the name of Anthony, as resembling in sound the one she herself had given him in her letters.
Smith's street costume so ingeniously in cheap materials that those ladies were greatly annoyed, and Mrs.
For nature (as the physicians allege) having intended the superior anterior orifice only for the intromission of solids and liquids, and the inferior posterior for ejection, these artists ingeniously considering that in all diseases nature is forced out of her seat, therefore, to replace her in it, the body must be treated in a manner directly contrary, by interchanging the use of each orifice; forcing solids and liquids in at the anus, and making evacuations at the mouth.
pair of wings is no defect, for, as has been ingeniously pointed out,
The mask answered, "Though you have so ingeniously discovered me, I must still speak in the same voice, lest I should be known by others.
Half a dozen chairs stood about the room, straight and stiff, and so ingeniously contrived for the discomfort of the human person that they were irksome even to sight, and conveyed the ugliest possible idea of the state of society to which they could have been adapted.
But this difficulty is ingeniously overcome: a small, strong line is prepared with a wooden float at its outer end, and a weight in its middle, while the other end is secured to the ship.
The Hair Trunk is not hurled at the stranger's head--so to speak--as the chief feature of an immortal work so often is; no, it is carefully guarded from prominence, it is subordinated, it is restrained, it is most deftly and cleverly held in reserve, it is most cautiously and ingeniously led up to, by the master, and consequently when the spectator reaches it at last, he is taken unawares, he is unprepared, and it bursts upon him with a stupefying surprise.
Westonhe was continually hereI always found him very pleasantand, in short, for (with a sigh) let me swell out the causes ever so ingeniously, they all centre in this at lastmy vanity was flattered, and I allowed his attentions.
The fore-part of his thighs, where the folds of his mantle permitted them to be seen, were also covered with linked mail; the knees and feet were defended by splints, or thin plates of steel, ingeniously jointed upon each other; and mail hose, reaching from the ankle to the knee, effectually protected the legs, and completed the rider's defensive armour.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's gripping classic, The Hound of The Baskervilles, is brought ingeniously to the stage, with just five actors bringing 42 vivid characters to life.
He ingeniously announced his two new singles, 'Castle on the Hill' and 'Shape of You' on his social media accounts.