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When economists speculate about why people's behavior is rational (which is what they do when cracking the rational riddles), the result of such scientific effort--all its sophistication, ingeniousness and formal impeccability notwithstanding--is either correct, but not new (i.
Those who pretend that human ingeniousness holds a solution ready to kick in when needed , won't be able to lie much longer.
First-time author-illustrator Karla Strambini seems to have been influenced by the inspired ingeniousness of the Qwerty keyboard to celebrate the notion of invention.
or makes a show of, sharpness or quickness of intellect, cleverness, ingeniousness.
In this concept of pre-stressing, the engineer uses his or her inventiveness, ingeniousness and creativity, especially in the design of statically indeterminate structures.
Taking cues from scientists and innovators like Albert Einstein and Isc Newton, who struggled in school but achieved so much by thinking outside the box, the Omani Inventors are emulating the geeky ingeniousness to make their own marks.
The sonnet may be Italian in its provenance, but it came to England at the moment of Elizabethan cultural ascendancy, and it was revived by the Romantics in part as an instance of specifically British expressive ingeniousness.
but it need not be an invention of striking uniqueness, ingeniousness, or novelty; it simply must be a distinguishable creation of the author.
Similarly, while recognizing that "Rushdie's desire to draw on the genre of science fiction may account in part for some of the ingeniousness of the narrative," Cundy argues nonetheless that his justification for turning to SF (it is "traditionally a good vehicle for the novel of ideas") is ultimately "inadequate as a reason for employing the genre" (136).
Admittedly, such metaphorically imitative readings of the Sonnets will resort to hypothesizing a certain amount of ingeniousness and role play on the lyrical "I's" part.
Thanks to a law signed by Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry as well as the ingeniousness of the Mezuzah Store, a more than two-foot-long mezuzah made out of a single piece of Jerusalem stone can be yours for only $999scroll not included.
His portrayal of a plethora of Mozart characters (Masetto and Giovanni, Figaro, Gugliemo and Nardo) is based on a solid breathing technique, sprightliness and pregnant declamation, which he enriches with wit, charm and a Terfel-esque ingeniousness and multilayered modelling of the meaning of both the music and text.