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Venient annis Saecula seris, quibus Oceanus Vincula rerum laxet, et ingens Pateat Tellus, Tiphysque novos Detegat orbes; nec sit terris Ultima Thule:
They fancy some foul, obscure den, some horrible Tartarus "informis, ingens, cui lumen ademptum.
Cras ingens iterabimus aequor,' and a few shreds of that sort, will perhaps stick to me, and I shall arrange my opinions so as to introduce them.
Nunc vino pellite curas, Cras ingens iterabimus aequor,'" and the Bacchanalian, quoting the above with a House of Commons air, tossed off nearly a thimbleful of wine with an immense flourish of his glass.
En relacion con las especies americanas, se piensa que Hippocampus ingens (Girard, 1858) e Hippocampus reidi (Ginsburg, 1933), especies del Pacifico y Atlantico, respectivamente, divergieron de un ancestro comun con la emersion del Istmo de Panama, que data de entre 4,5 y 3,1 millones de anos.
ingens in Davis el al (2000) and this locus was monomorphic at one of the subpopulations sampled by Loew el al (2005).
Ingens and Motznik employees will work at the main Anchorage office.
Catching of the male deep-sea squid, of the species Onykia ingens, has revealed the answer.
Unexpected finding of diclidurus ingens, hernandez-camacho, 1955 (chiroptera, emballonuridae), in the Colombian biogeographic choco.
The aim of this study is to establish whether the diet is broadly similar between the two, or whether Parapapio jonesi from Sterkfontein (n = 8) and Swartkrans (n = 4) are actually more similar to their counterparts at Sterkfontein (Parapapio broomi, n = 7) and Swartkrans (Dinopithecus ingens, n = 7) respectively.
Two of the larger ostracods, Megalocypris ingens and Megalocypris pseudoingens, are very similar in appearance and size, but occur in different types of playas.