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In concert, O'Hara has quipped, "I needed a song like Kristin Chenoweth" before performing her equivalent of The Ingenue and The Girl in 14G entitled They Don't Let You in the Opera if You're a Country Star.
Highly entertaining docu "A Wink and a Smile" provides an eye-opening lesson in the theory and practice of stripping--as taught by fan dancer extraordinaire Miss Indigo Blue, headmistress of Seattle's Academy of Burlesque, and illustrated onstage by the city's foremost ecdysiasts, from Inga Ingenue to Ernie von Schmaltz.
Throw in a butler, a debutante, an admiral and an ageing ingenue and you have the perfect scene for a plot straight from the Agatha Christie school of murder.
Norah Jones is an ingenue of cafe culture, largely accompanying herself on piano, equally at home with Hoagy Carmichael ("The Nearness of You") as Hank Williams ("Cold, Cold Heart").
The ingenious (but hardly ingenuous) ingenue manages to win, but the often-irascible Channing ends up with all the friends.
She was caught in the gap between ingenue and empress, between innocence and worldliness"
She's sure that the ingenue is not as innocent as her Zena thinks.
The delightful image conveyed was of an emotional ingenue backed by masses of technical expertise; how long before she tackles Melisande?
Flower Girl', a new shrub from Weeks Roses, is like an ingenue among dowagers.
I knew from the start that I'd steer the focus away from my physical self, that I couldn't just go for that ingenue stuff.
lang bashing, I'd like to state that had I bought Ingenue on vinyl rather than CD, the recording would have worn out long ago.
The young Colette drew on her own experiences as a girl from the provinces and as a young married woman with a libertine husband to produce scenes from the life of the young ingenue.