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Now you can hear it in all its glory live, as lang tours the UK to celebrate the 25th anniversary of second solo album Ingenue, which includes the track.
As in her signature song The Ingenue, written for her by Harper and Zippel, it seems that on Broadway "the ingenue has died off like the dinosaur." But Barbara Cook is a wonderful example of a soprano with staying power.
Par Nevine Ahmed Il declara de facon assez ingenue qu'il travaillerait pour le pays quoi qu'il en soit.
The luxurious materials inherent to Second Chance, Moments offer a composed magnificence rather than an ingenue look and make this timepiece a very chic and stylish.
PHS Division 2 went to another Melbourne to Hobart competitor Ingenue, skippered by Dr Rosie Colahan, from Malcolm Cooper's Kaiulani and Chikara Outlaw (Bill Trueman) also from Melbourne.
Birkin was touted as an earthy and liberating force of feminism, yet she turns out to be no more than a classic simpering ingenue, in thrall to domineering men.
As a photographic ingenue, Hains manipulated the lens to create abstract, nonmimetic compositions that he called "new realities." These experiments with the nature of perception would become Hains's principal concern for the next sixty-odd years.
His status as a relative ingenue gives his lessons an organic feel, bridging the gap between teacher and student that would otherwise make the subject seem overly esoteric.
Mankiewicz's picture (coincidentally based on a short story published the same year as Maugham's novel), is all about the relationship between the aging Margo Channing (Bette Davis) and the cunning ingenue Eve (Anne Baxter), who is out to usurp her position.
No longer an indie-rock ingenue, Juliana Hatfield now makes smart guitar pop--hut she hasn't lost her edge.
As this intriguing ingenue dwells on her perpetual off-hour trysts, comparing the relative brutality of lovers by nationality and rank, the matrix of her stream of consciousness summons thoughts of Lukich, her avuncular guardian angel in the tent next door; of Walter Ivanovich, a teacher whose romantic image she idolizes; of Svetka, despised co-administrator to the passions of the officer corps; and other role-players in her internal drama of devotion to the motherland.
Woodward depicts the President Select as a goofy ingenue when Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Powell went to the Pentagon to meet with the Joint Chiefs ten days before inauguration.